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Rug Washing & Repairs

Keeping horse rugs clean is an important process to help prolong the life and performance of the rug. A clean rug is waterproof, warmer and more comfortable for the horse to wear and is also nicer for owners handling the rugs.

Rug Prior to washing
Rug Prior to washing & re-proofing
A well re-proofed turn out rug will keep out the worst of the winter weather, keeping your horse warm and dry.

We use a computerised washing machine designed especially for cleaning horse rugs and the hypo-allergenic cleaner and re-proofer manufactured by the market leaders NIKWAX.
The NIKWAX RUG WASH is a wash-in cleaner for all horse rugs that safely revitalizes insulation and water repellency. If a breathable waterproof rug loses its water repellency, it will suffer a severe reduction in its ability to breathe. This could lead to a build up of condensation on the inside of the rug so the horse could become clammy, cold and uncomfortable.
The NIKWAX RUG PROOF is used immediately after RUG WASH cycle to keep your horses rugs in perfect water-repellent condition.

Benefits of using NIKWAX Rugwash & Re proofing Products

Clean & Re-proofed Rug
Clean & re-proofed Rug

Brand New Product From NIKWAX

SKITOSTOP INSECT CONTROL helps prevent 'SWEET ITCH' and discomfort from flying insects.

Benefits include:

We can also apply SKITOSTOP to your Tents (including liners),Mosquitos nets, awnings and marquees.


Rug Repairs

All rug repairs are carried out on site and we will advise you if the repair is economically viable or not.
We are able to repair all types of horse and pony rugs as well as lycra hoods, using materials matched to the rug for repair. Please note we do not repair rugs unless they are clean.

A 24hr turn around service is available, please phone or email for further details.

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